What Food to Eat in Budapest: A Culinary Guide

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If you are planning a trip to Budapest, you are in for a treat! Hungary’s capital city offers a rich culinary experience that reflects its history and diverse influences. From traditional Hungarian dishes to international cuisine, Budapest has something to satisfy every palate. In this guide, we will explore some must-try foods in Budapest that will leave you craving for more.

Hungarian Classics

When in Budapest, it’s essential to sample some of the country’s most iconic dishes. Here are a few Hungarian classics you don’t want to miss:

  • Goulash: A hearty beef soup flavored with paprika, vegetables, and spices. It’s the national dish of Hungary and a true comfort food.
  • Langos: A deep-fried bread topped with sour cream and grated cheese. It’s a popular street food snack that you can find in many markets and food stalls.
  • Chicken Paprikash: Tender chicken cooked in a savory sauce made with paprika and sour cream. Served with dumplings or noodles, it’s a delicious and satisfying meal.
  • Kürtőskalács: Also known as chimney cake, it’s a sweet pastry made from yeast dough rolled in sugar. It’s typically cooked over an open fire and has a crispy outer shell and soft center.

Jewish Delicacies

Budapest has a vibrant Jewish quarter that offers a range of delicious kosher specialties. Make sure to try these Jewish delicacies:

  • Rugelach: Crescent-shaped pastries filled with nuts, fruit preserves, and spices. They are a popular treat for both locals and tourists.
  • Cholent: A slow-cooked stew made with beef, beans, potatoes, and spices. It’s traditionally prepared before the Sabbath and eaten on Saturdays.
  • Flódni: A traditional Hungarian-Jewish cake made with layers of poppy seed, apple, walnut, and plum jam. It’s a delightful dessert that showcases the culinary fusion of cultures.

International Cuisine

Budapest is a diverse city with a thriving international food scene. Whether you’re craving Italian, Asian, or Middle Eastern flavors, you’ll find plenty of options. Here are a few international dishes to try:

  • Pizza: Budapest boasts excellent pizzerias offering classic Margherita, pepperoni, and gourmet pizza options.
  • Sushi: If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, visit one of the many sushi restaurants in Budapest for fresh and delicious sushi rolls.
  • Doner Kebab: A popular street food originating from Turkey, doner kebabs are a must-try late-night snack after a night out in Budapest.
  • Pasta: Italian restaurants abound in Budapest, serving up authentic pasta dishes like carbonara, bolognese, and pesto.

Street Food and Markets

One of the best ways to experience the local cuisine is through Budapest’s street food and markets. Here are some spots to check out:

  • Central Market Hall: This iconic market is a treasure trove of fresh produce, Hungarian delicacies, and street food stalls.
  • Great Food Hall: Located in downtown Budapest, this modern food hall offers a wide range of local and international food options.
  • Kazinczy Street Market: A vibrant market in the Jewish Quarter, known for its street food vendors and trendy food stalls.
  • Food Trucks: Budapest has a thriving food truck scene where you can find everything from burgers and tacos to vegan specialties.

Coffeehouses and Desserts

Budapest has a long-standing coffeehouse culture, and no visit would be complete without indulging in some sweet treats. Here are a few places to satisfy your sweet tooth:

  • New York Café: Known as one of the most beautiful cafes in the world, this elegant establishment serves decadent pastries and delicious coffee.
  • Gerbeaud: A historic café famous for its Hungarian cakes and pastries, including the iconic Dobos torte.
  • Ruszwurm: This charming pastry shop in Buda Castle has been serving delightful cakes and strudels since 1827.
  • Kurtoskalacs Stand: Find a stand selling kürtőskalács and enjoy this sweet delicacy while exploring the city.


Budapest is a food lover’s paradise, offering a wide variety of delicious dishes to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Hungarian cuisine, international flavors, or tantalizing street food, this city has it all. Make sure to explore the local markets, try some Jewish delicacies, and indulge in sweet treats from the city’s famous coffeehouses. Your taste buds will thank you for the culinary adventure in Budapest!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for informational purposes only. Some dishes or establishments mentioned may not be available at the time of your visit or may have changed. It’s always recommended to do further research and consult local recommendations for the most up-to-date information.

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What Food to Eat in Budapest: A Culinary Guide