What Airlines Fly to Budapest from the UK?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Pub Crawl Budapest

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Planning a trip to Budapest? Looking for flights from the UK? In this article, we will explore the airlines that offer direct flights from various cities in the UK to Budapest. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, knowing your options can help you find the best deal and make your journey hassle-free.

1. British Airways

As the national flag carrier of the United Kingdom, British Airways offers regular flights to Budapest from London Heathrow Airport. With a reputation for quality service, flying with British Airways ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

2. Ryanair

Ryanair, Europe’s largest low-cost airline, connects several UK cities to Budapest. They operate flights from London Stansted, Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester, and Liverpool. Be sure to check their website regularly for special deals and discounts.

3. easyJet

Another popular low-cost airline, easyJet, offers direct flights to Budapest from Luton, Gatwick, and Manchester airports. They provide a great option for budget-conscious travelers without compromising on quality.

4. Wizz Air

Wizz Air, a Hungarian low-cost carrier, connects several UK cities to Budapest. They operate flights from London Luton, Doncaster Sheffield, and Liverpool airports. With their focus on affordable travel, Wizz Air can be a great choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option.

5. Jet2

Jet2 operates flights from several UK cities, including London Stansted, Manchester, and Edinburgh, to Budapest. With their commitment to customer service and convenient flight schedules, Jet2 can be a reliable choice for your journey.

6. Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus, the national airline of Ireland, offers flights from Dublin to Budapest. If you are in Ireland or planning to visit Dublin as part of your journey, Aer Lingus can be a convenient option to consider.

7. LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines provides flights from London City Airport to Budapest, with a layover in Warsaw. If you are looking for a unique travel experience with a stopover in a vibrant European city, this could be a great choice for you.

It’s important to note that the availability of flights and schedules may vary depending on the time of year, so it’s always recommended to check with the airlines directly or through travel websites to find the most up-to-date information and book your tickets in advance.


Now that you know the airlines that fly to Budapest from the UK, you can start planning your trip with ease. Whether you prefer a full-service airline or a low-cost carrier, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs and budget. Keep an eye out for special offers and promotions to make the most of your travel experience. Happy journey!

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What Airlines Fly to Budapest from the UK?