The Ultimate Guide to the Best Restaurants in Budapest 2021

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Welcome to Budapest, a city known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culinary scene. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a traveler exploring the Hungarian capital, or a local looking for something new, this guide will help you discover the best restaurants in Budapest for 2021.

1. Fine Dining Restaurants

For those seeking an unforgettable gastronomic experience, Budapest offers several exceptional fine dining restaurants. These establishments combine exquisite flavors, artistic presentations, and impeccable service. Some top choices include:

a) Onyx

Onyx is a Michelin-starred restaurant located in the heart of Budapest. With its elegant interior and innovative dishes inspired by Hungarian and international cuisines, Onyx offers a truly divine dining experience.

b) Costes

Costes is another Michelin-starred restaurant that boasts modern European cuisine with a Hungarian twist. The menu is carefully curated with seasonal ingredients, ensuring a fresh and delightful culinary journey.

2. Traditional Hungarian Restaurants

Immerse yourself in the local culture by indulging in traditional Hungarian cuisine. These restaurants serve dishes that have been passed down through generations, capturing the essence of Hungarian culinary heritage. Here are a couple of must-visit places:

a) Gundel

Gundel is an iconic restaurant known for its classic Hungarian dishes. Situated in a beautiful park, this establishment features an elegant atmosphere and serves specialties like goulash, beef stew, and chimney cake.

b) Klassz

Klassz is a cozy and stylish bistro located in Budapest’s Jewish Quarter. They offer a wide range of Hungarian dishes made with high-quality local ingredients. Don’t miss trying their famous Hungarian paprika chicken.

3. Trendy and Innovative Restaurants

Budapest is also home to a thriving food scene with trendy and innovative restaurants that showcase modern techniques and flavors. Step into the world of culinary creativity at these revered establishments:

a) Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov is a popular ruin bar and restaurant that serves delicious Middle Eastern and Jewish-inspired cuisine. With its vibrant atmosphere, lush garden, and exciting menu, Mazel Tov offers a unique dining experience.

b) Funky Pho

Funky Pho is a trendy Vietnamese street food restaurant that brings the flavors of Southeast Asia to Budapest. From traditional pho to banh mi sandwiches, this eatery will satisfy your cravings for authentic Asian cuisine.

4. Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

For those following a plant-based lifestyle, Budapest has an array of vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants that offer delicious and creative meat-free options. Here are a couple of noteworthy choices:

a) Napfényes Étterem

Napfényes Étterem is a renowned vegetarian restaurant that has been serving wholesome and flavorful dishes for over 25 years. Their diverse menu includes Hungarian classics, international cuisine, and delectable vegan desserts.

b) Great Bistro

Great Bistro is a stylish restaurant offering vegetarian and vegan reinterpretations of Hungarian dishes. With their commitment to sustainability and locally sourced ingredients, Great Bistro provides a guilt-free dining experience.

5. Street Food and Market Halls

If you’re in search of quick and affordable bites, Budapest’s street food scene and market halls are the ideal places for you. Get ready to savor the flavors of Hungarian street food at these popular locations:

a) Karaván Street Food Court

Karaván Street Food Court is a hidden gem located in the center of Budapest. It offers a wide range of street food options, including langos (deep-fried bread), chimney cake, burgers, and traditional Hungarian sausages.

b) Great Market Hall

The Great Market Hall, also known as the Central Market Hall, is a must-visit destination for food lovers. Explore the vibrant stalls filled with fresh produce, Hungarian spices, cured meats, and traditional delicacies.


Budapest’s culinary scene offers something for everyone, from fine dining establishments to casual street food vendors. As you explore the city, make sure to indulge in its diverse and rich gastronomic offerings. Whether you’re craving traditional Hungarian flavors or seeking innovative culinary experiences, the best restaurants in Budapest for 2021 will not disappoint. Bon appétit!

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Restaurants in Budapest 2021