Restaurants Near Ruin Bars Budapest

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Pub Crawl Budapest

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Budapest’s ruin bars have become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. These unique bars are set up in abandoned buildings, creating a vibrant and artistic atmosphere. After enjoying the lively ruin bar scene, you might find yourself craving a delicious meal. In this blog post, we’ll explore some fantastic restaurants near ruin bars in Budapest where you can satisfy your culinary desires.

1. Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov is a trendy restaurant located just a stone’s throw away from Szimpla Kert, one of the most famous ruin bars in Budapest. This lively eatery offers a blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. The charming courtyard and stylish interior provide a fantastic atmosphere for enjoying a meal. Don’t miss their scrumptious falafel, or their refreshing cocktails to complement your dining experience.

2. Koleves

Situated near Instant, another popular ruin bar, Koleves offers a cozy and laid-back dining experience. The restaurant serves Hungarian favorites with a modern twist. From goulash to schnitzel, their menu has a variety of options to cater to all tastes. Koleves also has a lovely garden area where you can enjoy your meal in good weather.

3. Belvárosi Disznótoros

Located close to Fogasház, Belvárosi Disznótoros is a traditional Hungarian restaurant offering a wide range of authentic dishes. This charming eatery is known for its hearty portions and warm hospitality. Don’t miss the opportunity to try their mouthwatering Hungarian sausages or their delectable pork knuckle. The rustic ambiance adds to the overall experience.

4. Dobrumba

Dobrumba, a fusion restaurant near Instant, offers a unique blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors. The menu features a selection of mezze, grilled dishes, and refreshing cocktails. The cozy and modern interior creates a pleasant dining atmosphere. Be sure to try their delicious hummus or their sumptuous lamb kebabs.

5. Street Food Karaván

For a more casual dining experience, head over to Street Food Karaván near Szimpla Kert. This food truck court offers a variety of street food options from different cuisines. You can find everything from traditional Hungarian chimney cake to mouthwatering burgers and Asian fusion dishes. Grab a seat at one of the picnic tables and indulge in some tasty treats.


Budapest’s ruin bars offer an incredible nightlife experience, and being able to enjoy a delicious meal nearby makes the experience even more memorable. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Hungarian cuisine or international flavors, the restaurants mentioned in this blog post are sure to satisfy your cravings. So, the next time you visit ruin bars in Budapest, make sure to explore the neighboring restaurants for a food adventure you won’t forget.

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Restaurants Near Ruin Bars Budapest