Is Budapest in Europe?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Pub Crawl Budapest

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When it comes to geography, there are often questions and uncertainties about the location of certain cities. One such query that may have come to your mind is whether Budapest is in Europe or not. Well, the good news is that Budapest is indeed located in Europe. Let’s explore more about this beautiful city!

Introduction to Budapest

Budapest is the capital and largest city of Hungary. It is situated in the central part of the country and serves as its political, cultural, and commercial hub. The city is divided into two parts by the Danube River – Buda, which is located on the western bank, and Pest, located on the eastern bank. Together, they form the iconic city of Budapest.

Geographical Location

Budapest is located in Central Europe, making it easily accessible from various parts of the continent. As Hungary’s capital, Budapest sits in the northern region of the country, close to its borders with Slovakia and Austria.


Budapest is situated at approximately 47.4979° N latitude and 19.0402° E longitude.

Surrounding Countries

Budapest is surrounded by several European countries:

  • Slovakia to the north
  • Austria to the west
  • Serbia to the south
  • Croatia to the southwest
  • Romania to the southeast

Budapest and the European Union

Hungary, with Budapest as its capital, is a member state of the European Union (EU). This means that Budapest enjoys the benefits and follows the regulations set forth by the EU, enhancing its ties with other European nations.

Budapest’s European Influence

Budapest has a rich history influenced by various European cultures. The city’s architecture is a stunning blend of different styles, including Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque. Visitors can witness the grandeur of landmarks like the Hungarian Parliament Building, Buda Castle, and Fisherman’s Bastion, among others.


So, if you were wondering about Budapest’s location in Europe, rest assured that it is indeed situated in the heart of the continent. As the capital of Hungary, Budapest offers a unique blend of history, culture, and architectural beauty. Exploring this dynamic city will give you the opportunity to experience the best of what Europe has to offer!

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Is Budapest in Europe?