How Much is a Beer in Budapest in Pounds?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Pub Crawl Budapest

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Planning a trip to Budapest and wondering how much a pint of beer will set you back? We’ve got you covered! Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is famous for its vibrant nightlife and affordable prices. In this article, we’ll explore the average cost of a beer in Budapest in pounds and provide you with some useful tips to make the most of your beer-tasting adventures in the city.

The Average Cost of a Beer in Budapest

The price of a beer in Budapest can vary depending on the type of establishment you visit. On average, you can expect to pay between 500 and 1500 Hungarian Forints (HUF) for a pint of beer in a local pub or bar. To convert this into pounds, you’ll need to consider the current exchange rate between HUF and GBP.

It’s important to note that currency exchange rates fluctuate, so it’s always best to check the current rate before your trip. As of August 2021, the exchange rate is roughly 1 GBP = 400 HUF. Keep in mind that this rate may vary, so be sure to confirm before making any calculations.

Calculating the Price in Pounds

To calculate the approximate price of a beer in pounds, you’ll need to divide the price in Hungarian Forints by the exchange rate. Let’s consider an example:

Price of a beer in HUF: 1000 HUF

Exchange rate: 1 GBP = 400 HUF

Dividing 1000 HUF by 400, we get approximately 2.5 GBP. Therefore, a pint of beer priced at 1000 HUF would cost around £2.50.

Tips for Enjoying Budapest’s Beer Scene

Now that you have an idea of the average cost of a beer in Budapest in pounds, here are some tips to enhance your beer-drinking experience:

1. Explore Local Craft Beers

Budapest is home to a thriving craft beer scene, with numerous local breweries offering unique and flavorful brews. Be sure to visit some craft beer bars or breweries to discover new tastes and support local businesses. Craft beers may be slightly more expensive than traditional options, but the quality and variety make them worth a try.

2. Try Ruin Bars

Ruin bars are a must-visit in Budapest. These eclectic and vibrant establishments are often located in dilapidated buildings or courtyards, giving them a distinctive atmosphere. Ruin bars serve a wide range of beverages, including beer, and are known for their affordable prices. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the unique ambience of these venues while enjoying a cold pint.

3. Happy Hour Specials

Many bars and pubs in Budapest offer happy hour specials, usually between 4pm and 7pm. Take advantage of these promotions to enjoy discounted prices on both local and international beers. Be sure to check the specific offers of the places you plan to visit and plan your schedule accordingly.

4. Beer Festivals

If you happen to visit Budapest during beer festival season, consider yourself lucky! The city hosts various beer festivals throughout the year, showcasing a wide selection of local and international brews. These events are not only perfect for tasting different beers but also for immersing yourself in the lively Hungarian beer culture.

In Summary

Budapest offers affordable beer prices compared to many other European cities, making it an ideal destination for beer enthusiasts on a budget. With the average cost ranging from 500 to 1500 HUF, which is approximately £1.25 to £3.75, enjoying a pint of beer won’t break the bank. Remember to consider the current exchange rate when converting prices and take advantage of the local craft beer scene, ruin bars, happy hour specials, and beer festivals to make the most of your beer-drinking experience in Budapest.

So, raise a glass and enjoy the delightful flavors Budapest has to offer!

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How Much is a Beer in Budapest in Pounds?