Budapest Restaurants – A Beginner’s Guide

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Pub Crawl Budapest

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Welcome to Budapest, a vibrant and cultural city known for its rich history and delicious cuisine. In this beginner’s guide, we will explore the diverse culinary scene in Budapest and provide you with valuable information about where to find the best restaurants in the city.

1. Hungarian Cuisine

If you’re new to Budapest, you must try traditional Hungarian cuisine. It is a delightful blend of flavors influenced by various cultures that have shaped Hungary’s history. Some must-try dishes include:

  • Chicken Paprikash – tender chicken cooked in a creamy paprika sauce
  • Goulash – a savory stew filled with tender meat and vegetables
  • Langos – a deep-fried bread topped with cheese, sour cream, and various toppings
  • Kurtoskalacs – a sweet pastry known as chimney cake, typically coated in sugar and cinnamon

2. Districts with Great Restaurants

Budapest is divided into several districts, and each one has its own unique charm and culinary offerings. Here are a few districts worth exploring:

2.1 District V – Belváros

Located in the heart of the city, District V is home to many upscale restaurants and trendy cafes. It is also known for its picturesque views of the Danube River. Don’t miss out on exploring the charming streets and indulging in the world-class dining options available here.

2.2 District VII – Erzsébetváros

For foodies looking for a vibrant and hip dining scene, District VII is the place to be. This district is filled with trendy bars, food trucks, and international restaurants. If you’re a fan of street food, make sure to visit the bustling Gozsdu Court where you’ll find an array of delicious options.

3. Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Budapest boasts several Michelin-starred restaurants for those seeking a truly exceptional dining experience. Some notable ones include:

  • Costes – The first restaurant in Hungary to receive a Michelin star, offering innovative Hungarian cuisine.
  • Borkonyha – Known for its outstanding wine selection and contemporary Hungarian dishes.
  • Onyx – A fine dining restaurant offering a modern twist on traditional Hungarian flavors.

4. Vegetarian and Vegan Options

If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, Budapest has a growing number of options to cater to your preferences. Some popular vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants include:

  • Napfényes Restaurant and Pastry Shop – Known for its delicious vegan meals and desserts.
  • Kéhli – Offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes inspired by Hungarian and international cuisine.
  • Vegazzi – A trendy spot serving plant-based Italian dishes.

5. Local Favorites

To truly immerse yourself in the local dining scene, here are a few popular Hungarian restaurants loved by locals:

  • Kispiac Bisztró – A cozy bistro serving traditional Hungarian dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.
  • Két Szerecsen – Located in the Jewish Quarter, this restaurant offers a unique fusion of Middle Eastern and Hungarian cuisine.
  • Gerlóczy Café – Known for its elegant atmosphere and classic Hungarian dishes.


Budapest is a food lover’s paradise, with an array of restaurants offering diverse culinary experiences. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Hungarian dishes or looking to explore international cuisine, Budapest has something to satisfy every palate. Don’t be afraid to venture out and try new flavors, as this city has a lot to offer. Enjoy your culinary journey through Budapest!

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Budapest Restaurants – A Beginner’s Guide