Are Budapest Thermal Baths Open in November?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Pub Crawl Budapest

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Budapest is renowned for its historic thermal baths, attracting visitors from around the world who seek relaxation and rejuvenation. As the colder months approach, many travelers wonder if Budapest’s thermal baths are open in November. In this blog post, we will explore the availability and benefits of visiting these baths during this time of the year.

1. Availability of Budapest Thermal Baths in November

Budapest’s thermal baths operate year-round, including in the month of November. While the city’s climate may be chilly, the thermal baths provide a warm haven for locals and tourists alike to unwind and soak in the healing mineral-rich waters.

However, it’s essential to note that specific baths may have limited opening hours or undergo temporary closures for maintenance during this period. Therefore, it’s advisable to check the individual bath’s official website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information on their opening hours in November.

2. Benefits of Visiting Budapest Thermal Baths in November

Visiting the thermal baths in November has its own unique advantages:

a. Fewer Crowds

Compared to the peak tourist season, November sees fewer visitors, resulting in a more serene and intimate experience at the thermal baths. You’ll have more space to relax in the pools and enjoy the facilities without feeling overcrowded.

b. Relieving the Winter Chill

The warmth of the thermal baths provides a perfect escape from the cold weather that Budapest experiences in November. Immerse yourself in the naturally heated mineral waters, which can help relax your muscles, improve circulation, and alleviate any pre-winter cold-induced stiffness.

c. Festive Atmosphere

Budapest begins to embrace the holiday spirit in November, with various Christmas markets and decorations sprouting across the city. Visiting the thermal baths during this time allows you to combine relaxation with the joyous ambiance of the upcoming holiday season.

3. Popular Thermal Baths to Visit

Here are some of the most popular thermal baths in Budapest:

a. Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Széchenyi is one of the largest and most well-known thermal baths in Budapest. It features both indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, and various wellness services. Its stunning architecture and thermal water composition make it a top choice for visitors.

b. Gellért Thermal Bath

Located in the renowned Hotel Gellért, this bath offers an aesthetically pleasing environment with its Art Nouveau design. Gellért Thermal Bath provides a range of thermal pools, steam rooms, and additional spa treatments for ultimate relaxation.

c. Rudas Thermal Bath

Rudas Thermal Bath is one of the oldest in Budapest and offers a unique experience with its Ottoman-era architecture. It features thermal pools, a rooftop hot tub with panoramic views, and even offers night-time bathing on the weekends.

4. Tips for Visiting Budapest Thermal Baths in November

To make the most of your thermal bath experience in November, consider the following tips:

  • Bring your own towel or rent one to save on costs.
  • Wear a swimming cap, as some baths require it for hygiene reasons.
  • Arrive early to avoid potential crowds and secure a locker.
  • Be mindful of the bath’s rules and etiquette, such as showering before entering the pools.
  • Ensure you drink plenty of water during your visit to stay hydrated.

By following these tips, you can have a comfortable and enjoyable experience at Budapest’s thermal baths.


Budapest’s thermal baths offer a unique and soothing experience year-round, including in November. With the added benefits of fewer crowds, warmth in the midst of the winter chill, and a festive atmosphere, visiting the thermal baths during this time can be particularly delightful. Whether you choose Széchenyi, Gellért, or Rudas, be sure to check their specific opening hours and make the necessary arrangements beforehand for an exceptional thermal bath experience in Budapest.

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Are Budapest Thermal Baths Open in November?